How It Works

SMCall Online Money Transfer - How It Works

Step 1 -Choose amount and receive option.
Your recipient will be able to collect cash at one of our pay-out locations, or receive the money in their bank account or mobile phone account.

Step2 -Select Your Recipient.
When you send money with our system you need to enter your recipient's name city and mobile phone number. We will notify them by SMS when the money is available for collection or paid to their account. If collecting cash, your recipient will be required to present a valid form of ID.

Step3 -Make Payment.
The final step is to pay for the transaction by making a payment directly from your bank account. View our FAQ section if you need more information on paying directly from your bank account.
As soon as your transaction is processed, we will notify you and your recipient by sending an SMS to the respective mobiles, with the transaction number and where to collect.