How Does Your Service Work?

There are three simple steps.

1. Select the amount you want to send and specify whether your recipient will collect cash from one of our agent locations or send directly to their bank account or mobile account

2. Enter the details of your recipient.

3. Pay.

Do I need to submit KYC?

If you are remitting less than £500 in a month you do not submit any KYC. If you want to send more than that you need to submit the following documents to us.

1. Valid Proof of Identification (any of the following):
A current signed passport (with place and date of issue, photograph and expiry date);
National ID card (with place and date of issue, photograph and expiry date); or
Full UK Driving Licence

Proof of identification has to be certified by a UK lawyer, accountant, post master/sub post-master, banker, teacher or minister of religion, doctor or person of similar status, and director of company/employer. Their name, contact details, position and signature should be affixed on the proof of ID.

1.2 Valid Proof of Address (any of the following):

Bank statement (not more than 3 months old);
Any utility bill (except mobile phone bill);
Full UK Driving License (cannot be used as a single proof of address and ID);
Any letter from a government agency (NHS, Inland Revenue); or
Landlord letter (duly signed and with any bill attached with landlord’s name)

How much are your fees?

This depends on the amount you are sending. You can easily see the transfer charges by using our online Fees list.

How do I pay?

You can pay online directly from your bank account, details below.

Make sure you add your SMCallcustomer number as the reference on the bank transfer.

Bank Name: Santander
Sort Code: 09-01-28
Account Number: 28520967

How much can I send?

Without KYC : Upto £500 (in a 30 day period)
With KYC : Upto £3,600 (in a 30 day period)

If you want to send more than £3,600 (in a 30 day period) you need to submit additional documents. Please contact our customer service for more details

Is my money safe?

Most definitely. We use 128 bit SSL security on our website. This means no-one can intercept the details of your transaction. Our company is also Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services.

When will my recipient receive the money?

Your recipient will be able to receive the money the next working day, within office hours.

Where can my recipient collect cash?

The list of pay-out agents is available on the Send Money page